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Welcome to Silent Haven! This is a Silent Hill role-playing community based on original characters, some preset by myself (queenie_z) co-mod relares. This is the post where all claims are to be laid for presets.

However, you also have the option of creating your own character! For those who wish to use an original character of their own, please fill out this application:


RP Experience:
This is so we can contact you by either MSN or AIM.
Player Journal:


Occupation (If a member of the cult, specify which sect and posistion):
Special skills:
This can include combat experience, talents, special powers, etc, etc.



Third Person RP Sample (For those who plan on logging):
IMPORTANT NOTE: This part is not required, however, if you wish to log (create a third-person account of one or more player's experiences), you MUST fill this out. You can't log if you don't fill this out.

Sample Journal Post: First-person journal style.

Once you have filled out your applications, please email them to queeniez at comcast dot net. (Replace words with appropriate symbols.)

Unless more than one person is going to claim a preset, apping isn't required. However, this rule my change at short notice if Silvie or I see fit.

Here are the presets:

William Stanton - claimed by queenie_z
A 35-year-old journalist working for the Ashfield Gazette. He is patient and hardworking, and is a man of very few words. Some people find him too quite and sometimes aloof and unsure about himself and others. However, there is another side to William - the repressed memories of his tortured childhood at the Wish House Orphanage in Silent Hill live on in a talkative, stubborn, and violent split personality. His main personality only wants to know about his past in Silent Hill... the other wants revenge.

Jack Waterford - claimed by furikku
A 22-year-old medical student at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. He's a friendly guy, loyal to the end and soft-hearted towards others. He also bears a strong sexual attraction towards his sister, May. This dark secret has made him evasive and ashamed of himself to the point of an extreme self-loathing and a tendency to dwell on his errors. After looking at his sister in the shower through a window, he flees to Silent Hill out of guilt and shame, only to encounter his darkest desires manifested into his own reality.

May Waterford - claimed by niena
A 25-year-old librarian in Brahams, a town near Silent Hill. She is caring and kind, almost maternal to nearly everyone she meets. Her optimism, however, can also be considered naïve at times. She's also short-tempered and tends to worry a lot. After her brother, Jack, runs away from a family gathering, she follows his trail into Silent Hill to search for him, discovering that there is a lot more to her brother than she thought she knew.

Father Matthew Conner - unclaimed
A 41-year-old Catholic priest who, every Sunday, takes the road around Silent Hill to get to mass. This particular Sunday, however, he took a wrong turn and ended up crashing his car. When he came to, he found himself surrounded by fog and a sign with the words "Welcome to Silent Hill" on it. He is gentle and wise, with strong religious morals to boot. However, he is hardheaded and isn't afraid to speak his mind and stick with it.

Peter Hung - claimed by downburst?
A 23-year-old freelance photographer with a Chinese-American background. He is very enthusiastic about his hobby and has a very silly sense of humor, making him likable to many but annoying to some. Much of the time he has his head in the clouds and doesn't know what's going on. He's also easily scared, so when he ventures into Silent Hill, armed with only a camera, some film, and a tripod, he's sure to be in for a surprise.

Amber Holloway - unclaimed
A 16-year-old high school student at Ashfield High. A creative non-conformist, she has been bullied and teased most of her life. With only the support of her distant mother, she developed a case of chronic depression. As a result, she is often cold-hearted to others and listless. She also has the ability to tune in to the feelings of others. She ran away from home and took an empty bus out of town to escape her living hell, but when that bus stops in Silent Hill, she finds that she just ran into something much, much worse.

Anita Ferguson - claimed by psuedowolfkill?
A 33-year-old woman and the leader of the Holy Woman sect of The Order, the cult of Silent Hill. Her determination and idealism gives her strong leadership qualities, but her dogmatic values and imperialistic coldness make her a strong yet cruel iron fist in The Order. Her ultimate goal: to find the next vessel, destined to give birth to God and bring about the Paradise.

Abigail Brown - claimed by silverchild2
A 29-year old woman and the leader of the Valtiel sect of the Order. She is extremely intelligent and rarely speaks her mind, but when she does, she reveals her morbid, violent, and self-centered personality. Some even dare to call her mad. Her sect of The Order judges and cleanses the cult of sinners, whoever they may be, in unspeakably grotesque manners. And Abigail silently enjoys every moment of it.

Those who have already claimed presets may create their character journals and find a PB, or a real-life figure to represent their characters in their icons.

That is all. ^_^
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At what point will we be able to start the rp?
I'm hoping at the latest by the weekend.
I'd like to stake a claim to Father Matthew.
Accepted. Feel free to make your journal!
May God be with you in this darkness, child.