the Sooz (furikku) wrote in silenthavenooc,
the Sooz

Contact info

Would y'all be up to sharing contact/availablity info, so we can try to plan things out or arrange things OOC?

Character(s): Jack Waterford
Email: furikku at gmail dot com
AIM: SeraFurikku
(Have no ICQ or Y!M, sadly.)
Time online: Weekdays 8.30am to about 5pm Central time in the US. Sporadically in the evenings or on weekends.

Anyone else?
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Character: May Waterford
Email: AkiQueenofPocky at aol dot com. (Mind you, I made that name at age 13. D:)
AIM: AkiQueenofPocky
MSN: Same as e-mail
Time online: On at 5:30 AM-7:00 AM Central time on weekdays. I'm also usually on from 3:15 or so PM- 5:00 PM. On almost all day Sundays.
Character(s): (still pending) Aatos Wulf
AIM: Ulver09
Time online: Everynight from 6pm - 1am
Character(s): Abigail Brown
Email: silverchild2 at gmail dot com
AIM: KitsunebiMiko
Time online: PST Not sure as of the moment (between travelling), but I'm usually at my computer when I'm online (which is often)